Though strong for the encounter

tonight, I go to sleep sad.

once too stubborn to break

focusing on what made me mad.

As the stillness of the night deepens

so does the ache within my heart

baffled by the tragedy

of being torn apart

from my sister

By my sister

nothing but a burden

that does not sway her way

I dare to stand my ground

all to her dismay

Not an ounce of compassion

or even empathy

Yet never in the wrong

she will ever be

Hence the sadness that weighs

down with me on my pillow

I’ve reached my time

to leave her behind

it is time to go

… though…

she left long ago.



Miranda Martin

Miranda Martin

Alaskan Native mother of two young and wild boys with dreams of minimizing our possessions and maximizing our experience, adventure, discovery and life.